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WP Series

IR Water Purifier 100


IR Water Purifier 100

IR Sensor Brochure  

Suitable for :

Can use it as PoU drinking water system where centralized water purifier (RO Plant) available for drinking and can also be connected with any external water Purifier.

Usefull for :

Office, Schools, College, Hospitals, Industries, etc.

Installation :

Online from over head tank or connect to external RO/UV water purifier.

Conway Contactless IR-based Water Purifier:

Introducing the cutting-edge Conway Contactless IR-based Water Purifier, a revolutionary solution that incorporates innovative technology for a hygienic and convenient water purification experience. This advanced purifier utilizes infrared (IR) sensors, enabling touchless operation and allowing users to access purified water without physical contact. By simply placing their hands or a container near the sensor, the purifier activates and dispenses water, minimizing the risk of cross-contamination and promoting cleanliness in commercial environments. The Conway Contactless IR-based Water Purifier is the perfect choice for businesses seeking to prioritize hygiene and user convenience.

The Contactless IR-based Water Purifier is available in two variations, namely WP-IR 125 and WP-IR 100, offering versatility to cater to different water usage requirements.

Let’s explore the key advantages of the Contactless IR-based Water Purifier:

Some salient features of the Conway IR-based water purifiers:

Details of few readymade models Manufactured by CONWAY:

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