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Commercial Water Purifier


Commercial Water Purifier

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Suitable for :

Can use it as PoU drinking water system where centralized water purifier (RO Plant) available for drinking and can also be connected with any external water Purifier.

Useful for :

Office, Schools, College, Hospitals, Industries, etc.

Installation :

Online from over head tank or connect to external RO/UV water purifier.

Commercial Water Purifiers

Commercial Water Filters
Conway offers a range of handy Commercial Water Purifiers. Flexible solutions depend on each client’s situation. Our water purifiers are known as the best water purifiers. They also work with existing solutions, like an RO Plant for drinking water.
Conway water purifiers provide a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water. This flexibility allows firms to address their unique drinking water requirements. At the same time, it offers safe drinking water for employees and customers.

Water purification models based on the need.
Conway Water Coimbatore offers many choices of Commercial Water Purifiers. There are water filters to cater to all your drinking water needs. Water purification models that filter from 50 to 250 litres per minute.

Ideal for all public places
Our water purifiers provide a continuous supply of clean and safe drinking water. Ideal for offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, and industries.

Advanced Technology
Our advanced technology for 100% purity includes UV, OZONE, and Reverse Osmosis. We consider the existing water quality and suggest solutions. Our stainless-steel housing and MS powder-coated frames are built to last. Preventive maintenance information helps our water purifiers operate at peak performance.

Flexible and Compact Water Purifiers
We have a solution whether you have limited space or higher water demand. We offer cost-effective models to suit your needs. Our compact models are ideal for businesses with less space. We also provide the option to serve Hot, Cold, and Warm purified water. Our water purifiers can be installed directly in overhead tanks as a water source. They can also be combined with external RO/UV water purifiers. This provides an extra purification layer.

At Conway Water, we aim to help you get safe drinking water. There are many convenient models of Commercial Water Purifiers. Contact us today for safe and clean water.

RO UV and Ozone Water Purifiers

Conway Customized Water Purifier™ has several advantages.


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