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Commercial Water Purifier


Water Purifier 100

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Suitable for :

Can use it as PoU drinking water system where centralized water purifier (RO Plant) available for drinking and can also be connected with any external water Purifier.

Usefull for :

Office, Schools, College, Hospitals, Industries, etc.

Installation :

Online from over head tank or connect to external RO/UV water purifier.

Commercial Water Purifiers

Conway water purifiers offer businesses a versatile solution for their drinking water needs. These purifiers can be effectively utilized as Point of Use drinking water systems, particularly in cases where a centralized water purifier, such as an RO Plant, is already installed for drinking water purposes. Moreover, Conway water purifiers can seamlessly integrate with any external water purifier, amplifying the purification process and guaranteeing the provision of clean and safe drinking water. This adaptability empowers businesses to tailor their water purification setup according to their unique requirements and maintain a high standard of water quality for their employees and customers.

Each model offers varying filtration capacities to meet different water purification needs. Ranging from 50 liters per minute to 250 liters per minute, they provide flexibility and options for businesses to choose the appropriate purifier based on their desired filtration capacity and water usage requirements.

Our water purifiers are versatile and well-suited for offices, schools, colleges, hospitals, and industries, catering to a wide range of settings and ensuring clean water supply in various environments.

Conway water purifiers offer the convenience of online installation, allowing them to be connected directly to an overhead tank as a water source. Additionally, they can be seamlessly integrated with an external RO/UV water purifier, providing an extra layer of purification and enhancing the overall water treatment process. This flexibility ensures that businesses can adapt the installation according to their existing infrastructure and purification requirements.

Conway water purifiers have a compact, smaller version specifically designed for businesses with limited space or lower water demand. Despite its smaller size, it retains the same high-quality water purification capabilities as the larger models. This compact version is ideal for smaller-scale operations or areas with space constraints. It allows for water inputs through bubble top water bottles, accommodating a minimum of 2 bottles and a maximum of 4 bottles. This adaptability ensures an efficient and versatile water purification solution for businesses of all sizes.

Few advantages of Conway customized water purifier™/ water cooler / water dispenser:


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